Dental Emergencies

Fast care when you need it

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, seemingly out of the blue and often without warning. When one happens, you’ll be glad you’ve got the dentists at Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry in your corner. Whether it’s a sports accident or kids being kids, we are here and will work to save your child’s teeth. We can fix chips, cracks, and offer solutions to lost teeth. When emergencies happen – don’t delay, call our offices immediately! We offer fast, same-day service, comforting pain relief, and dental solutions for your child.

Protecting your child’s most important asset – their smile

If your child has damage to their teeth including chips and cracks we will work fast to repair the damage. Often, we can use porcelain veneers that match the natural color of your child’s tooth to restore their smile to their former glory. These veneers integrate seamlessly and no one will be able to tell the difference from their existing teeth.

Occasionally, these dental emergencies can cause an entire or multiple teeth to be lost! If a primary or baby tooth is lost, it will be replaced in time with a permanent tooth. However, we will still want to ensure no other damage has been caused to the jawline or other teeth. If a permanent tooth is lost, don’t worry. We still have options for replacement.

Depending on the tooth in question, we may be able to fix the gap with creative bridgework. Bridgework can seamlessly fill in any gap created by the accident. You should know that bridgework doesn’t appear as seamless as a natural tooth. If you want a seamless replacement, then dental implants might be the best course of action.

Dental implants are often more expensive than bridgework, however, your child will not be able to tell the difference between the implant and their natural teeth. Implants work by surgically grafting a metal rod into their jaw and fitting the dental implant over it. Often the implants are custom created, so they closely resemble the tooth that was lost.

Accepting most insurance providers

When a dental emergency happens the last thing, you want to worry about is the bill. Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry accepts most major insurance providers and offers flexible payment options for expenses not covered by insurance. Don’t let a dental emergency slow your kids down. Make an appointment today!

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