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Pain-free dentistry

Many kids fear going to the dentist because of perceptions about pain and discomfort. But Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry offers several comforting in-office sedation techniques that can reduce pain and discomfort. Putting off critical dental care can lead to an increased chance of complications and can lead to a greater risk of needing more complicated treatments. Staying up to date with regular exams is the best way to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other forms of oral infections.

Our office employs several oral sedation dentists to keep your child comfortable during their visit. The type of sedation depends on the type of treatment they require.

Minimal sedation – Your child will be comfortable and relaxed. This method is commonly used for topical treatments such as filling cavities or removing a single tooth.

General anesthesia – During general anesthesia. Your child will be fully unconscious. This option is typically only used when oral surgery is required.

Comprehensive Oral Sedation Dentistry

Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry provides complete in-office sedation techniques, including nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide is common called laughing gas and is inhaled through a special breathing mask. The procedure provides fast pain relief and generally wears off quickly. This is the safest form of anesthesia and is generally considered to be kid friendly. Our office recommends that patients who are prone to bowel obstructions abstain from this form of sedation.

Ask about our other sedation techniques

Sedation techniques do vary from patient to patient. That is why we offer several different options to ensure your child can get the care they need and be free from pain. We offer IV sedation dentistry in addition to oral sedation. Oral sedation requires the use of a pill that leaves the patient drowsy but able to be woken if need be.

Ask your dentist which sedation method is right for your child. Make an appointment with Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry today!

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