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Need braces? No problem!

Misaligned teeth can be caused by crowding the jawline as permanent teeth push against primary teeth as they develop. This can cause conditions such as a prominent overbite, underbite, teeth grinding, and the appearance of crooked teeth.

For many kids, this can create self-esteem issues as they are afraid to smile or talk for fear of showing their teeth. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry strives to stay ahead of potential trouble spots as your children’s teeth develop. We will use whatever mitigation techniques possible to ensure your children have healthy and straight teeth. But despite our best efforts, sometimes braces are necessary. When your child needs braces we have several different options that will correct the alignment of their teeth and restore your child’s smile.

Affordable wire Braces

If your child needs braces, you may worry about the cost. The good news is the wire braces are affordable and can quickly be installed. They are also effective at straightening teeth and depending may only need to be worn for several months to correct the issue.

Braces are not just for kids either. If you have suffered from misaligned teeth – you can get them corrected regardless if you are fourteen or forty. Schedule an appointment today with Taylorsville Pediatric Dentistry and see if wire braces are right for you.

Discover the magic of Invisalign

Unsurprisingly, many teenagers are not fans of traditional wire braces. They worry about how they will impact their appearance – and they may be as reticent to smile until the braces have corrected the misalignment.

If this is a concern that is shared by your child, don’t worry, we have another option – Invisalign. Invisalign braces are just as they sound. They are clear plastic retainers that mold to the teeth and correct the alignment during wear. They have the added benefit of being hard to see. Many teenagers prefer Invisalign because their friends won’t know that they have braces.

Invisalign works by affixing small brackets to the teeth that the clear retainer will fit over. The Invisalign retainer can be removed at night and during meals.

Invisalign braces can also help correct the following dental conditions.

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Teeth grinding
  • Misaligned teeth

Don’t put off getting braces another minute. Ask how Invisalign can help you. Make an appointment today at Taylorsville, Pediatric Dentistry!

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